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(Even if they’re like this, both of them are leaders of this country…)

The future of this country might actually be bleak…

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「I shall declare! Today, I’m going to bring back『that era』! – That era of the strongest Thousand Blade Academy! 」

「Anyone can say anything with just a mouth. You’re going to end up crying soon!」

Both of them said,「Hmph!」and turned away.

Apparently, the unending child’s quarrel, seems to have been resolved momentarily.

「Let’s go, Sid, Cain!」

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Ferris-san took the two male students and went to the waiting room of Ice King Academy.

「We’re also going, Allen, Ria, Rose!」

Then we went to the Thousand Blade Academy waiting room. We’re about thirty minutes away from the start of the match, and it’s about time for the final adjustment.